Fallacy: The Game

If you've ever watched a talk show, followed the news or heard a speech, you've probably encountered fallacies before. Fallacy: The Game lets you use them for entertaining, absurd and/or ruthless debates with friends and family. To win, you will need tactical and improvisation skills as well as a bit of luck. Fallacy: The Game is for everyone who loves a good debate, fruitful exchange of ideas or wants to improve their persuasiveness. Those who are involved in politics or deal with media in their professional life will also recognize the cards in their day-to-day life.

Fallacy: The Game also helps teach critical thinking, with many cards touching on logic, psychology, ethics and statistics. When is an analogy a lame comparison? When does correlation imply causation? What makes a question loaded? Not only can the cards help understand these arguments and what they rely on, they also practice wit and help illuminate a topic from multiple perspectives. Whether you discuss tax policy or whose turn it is to do the dishes, Fallacy: The Game is here to help.

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There are 16 categories with 4 cards each, roughly in order of complexity (so you can make the game easier by omitting higher categories). Each card has a title, description and an example given. Many arguments are also known by multiple titles, which are listed as aliases, and some can be expressed with logic symbols. The category an argument of this type can counter well, and the one whose cards are great counters to it in turn, are noted as well.

From change of topic to generalization, to lie, tradition, spurious correlation, wishful thinking and insignificance, we have collected everything that can be used to argue for a point of view. You might find some real-life arguments fit more than one card, or don't quite fit perfectly - but in a game of bad arguments, bad pattern-matching is par for the course.

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